Release notes - Attune v23.0.x



AT-1383 Optimised Project Website Page Headings Structure

AT-1386 Push Compiled Files Screen Shows Correct Files in Archive

AT-1390 Made Project Website Structure SEO-friendly and Readable

AT-1394 Windows archive clobber/overwrites existing files

AT-1399 Upgrading to plan tree successful if Attune has no plans

AT-1405 Date times in Attune run screen logs are correct timezone

AT-1406 Renaming step updates step list in “link step” drop down


AT-1398 Added responsive navigation bar and footer

AT-1407 Upgraded to “@synerty/vortexjs@3.3.11” for websocket improvements



AT-1386 Push Compiled Files Screen Now Shows Correct Files in Archive



AT-1377 Edit Step Name and Step Comment causes Project error

AT-1378 Adding a text parameter that doesn’t exist to a text script throws an exception

AT-1379 Changing a parameter dropdown throws exception on run

AT-1380 Committing project fails with No attribute sid

AT-1382 Project Website Setup Meta Tags: Formatting and Arrangements

AT-1384 Remove project from parameter now also removes duplicates



AT-566 Handling Step Failures


AT-1374 Job Run Steps don’t show warning icon in tree



AT-1268 LDAP fails to find groups for users with ‘and’ in their name

AT-1269 Rename parameter does not cascade to deploy compiled file mako step

AT-1270 Copy-Step fails if the step exists in the destination


AT-1255 Step-details replaced tabs with scrollable sections

AT-1256 Replaced all Add buttons in filter boxes with Add links at bottom of list

AT-1257 Moved action buttons at top of step tree into tree

AT-1265 Add Create Step Under Menu Option

AT-1266 Added UUID4 field for all storage items

AT-1277 Rearranged Project so git remote is with git commit

AT-1300 Uploaded EL7 releases based on branch name

AT-1310 Removed second level navigation bar

AT-1311 Decreased vertical gap between step details forms

AT-1347 Captured Attune startup exception and log them to attune log


AT-731 Improve user interface to remember selected items when moving between tabs

AT-865 Enable jobs to run with Project Link steps in them

AT-1217 Implemented new plant tree UI for scrolling panels

AT-1242 Created Step De-duplicate Feature

AT-1258 Added support for mapping to any project + parameter key tree node mapping

AT-1291 Implemented Plan and Node Tree Delete

AT-1294 Updated to @synerty/vortexjs@3.3.6 vortexpy==3.4.6

AT-1338 Added logging for __hasErrors for steps