This page contains advice about errors and problems commonly encountered.

Attune Server and Web Application


Inspect the Attune log:

less /home/attune/attune.home/attune.log`

Inspect the system logs:

sudo journalctl -f

System Disk Space Usage

List filesystems

df -h

List large files in the /home/ directory:

find /home/ -type f -size +100M -exec du -h {} +

Restart the Attune Service

Restart the attune service and tail the log.

sudo systemctl restart attune
tail -F ~/attune/attune.home/attune.log

Monitor the log.

Attune Application on Windows


Inspect the Attune log:


Attune Application on macOS


Inspect the Attune log:

/Users/{account_name}/Library/Application Support/com.servertribe.attune/attune.log

Step Errors


The following error may occur if the network latency is high:

HTTPSConnectionPool(host='{targetNodeIp}', port=5986): Max retries exceeded with url: /wsman (Caused by ConnectTimeoutError(<urllib3.connection.HTTPSConnection object at 0x1162b8e20>, 'Connection to {targetNodeIp} timed out. (connect timeout=5)'))

The error message you’re seeing is related to a network connection issue. Attune is attempting to establish an HTTPS connection using a connection pool. Connection pools are used to manage multiple network connections efficiently.

Try re-running the step after 1 minute.