Design Workspace

Your Automated and Orchestrated IT processes are developed and modified in individual Projects. The Design Workspace contains your Projects.


Projects are self contained and sharable. Your Projects contain your:

  • Parameters,

  • Files,

  • Steps &

  • Blueprints.

You can have many Projects and Projects can contain many Parameters, Files, Steps and Blueprints.

Projects are version controlled with GIT integration. You can clone, push and pull Projects with repositories such as GitHub


Parameters are used in Blueprints and substituted with Values when a job is run. Values are mapped against Parameters in the Plan. This provides maximum Blueprint re-usabiliity.

All Parameters have the same basic attributes regardless of their type.

A project as a minimum requires a Node type and Credential type Parameters to create a Step in a Blueprint. Parameters can be created in the Step.

To learn how to reference Parameters in a Script read: Referencing Parameters in Scripts


Your Files can be stored centrally in Attune. Files are divided into two categories:

  • Version Controlled,

  • Large Files.

Version Controlled Files

Version Controlled Files are maintained in the GIT repository. These are typically small text files.

Dynamically create your Configuration Files when your Job is run. Attune has a template engine that allows you to deploy files which contain markup using Mako, an embedded Python language. The template engine processes the files in a configuration archive and renders the final outputs.

More information about Mako templates, and the syntax used for the configuration archives files can be found at

Large Files

Large Files are not stored in the GIT repository. These can be large zipped directories, installation file, ISO’s, etc.

Steps & Blueprints

Blueprints orchestrate the sequence and paralleling of Steps. Steps automate individual scripted actions. Blueprints from other Projects can be linked into a Blueprint.