How To Create a Job


This procedure provides instructions to create adn run a Job in Attune.


Create a Job

Navigate to the Plan workspace and create a Job from a Blueprint in the Project you cloned.

  1. Open the Plan Workspace

  2. Navigate to Jobs

  3. Enter your Job Name

  4. Select the Blueprint to use

  5. Select Create


Create the Values required to fill the Parameters for the Job.

  1. Navigate to Values

  2. Select the Value Type

  3. Enter the Value Name

  4. Select Create



After selecting the Type of Value you’ll be provided fields to complete.

Configure the Parameters for the Job you created.

  1. Select the Job

  2. Navigate to Inputs

  3. Populate the Values

  4. Select Save


Run a Job

Run your Job.

  1. Open the Run Workspace

  2. Select the Job

  3. Select Run



This procedure is now complete, you’ve successfully run a Job in Attune.