Release notes - Attune v1.2.x



AT-44 Bootstrap fail causes invalid ssh keys to be used

AT-45 Step shell prompted fails with expected string, got tuple

AT-58 First deploy template config step fails in fresh attune server

AT-65 Prompted response responds with twice to some inputs.



AT-32 Make procedure export contain date and server exported from

AT-42 Create deploy script, run cmd with script

AT-52 Move to use our PyWinRM Fork

AT-53 WinRM, Lack of useful error messages when script is broken


AT-35 Scheduler continued to next procedure when last procedure failed

AT-37 Running steps in thread causes issue when adding log lines

AT-40 Convert execute progress bar to simple green progress bar

AT-46 Deploy template archive errors on rsyncing to git

AT-49 Procedure import needs facility to upgrade schema on import

AT-51 Infinite loop if the directory can’t be created when deploying CIFS archives

AT-54 Running really long powershell scripts exceeds windows command arg length

AT-56 Plan shows both drop down and text place values in chrome



AT-21 Set web page title based on server name in settings


AT-18 ShellPrompted step doesn’t clean \r from script


AT-19 StepGroup and new Sql, Shell fields missing from import “replace existing”

AT-20 Make Attune auto bootstrap SSH access


Bug fixes and added interpreter option support for shell scripts.


AT-14 Add interpreter option support for shell scripts


AT-11 Oracle step commits at the end, sometimes this is undesirable

AT-12 Importing a procedure with no content archives errors out

AT-13 Successful imports need to refresh the procedure screen

AT-15 Imported steps don’t link to new archives

AT-16 Imported new archives were using existing archive files

AT-17 Pending sessions can cause drag and drop upload to lockup